These little bees, feared for their not very pleasant stings … and yet essential to the survival of our biodiversity! 🌱

Did you know? These small insects play a key role in the pollination of plants. They ensure the reproduction of more than 80% of the plant species of the globe! It is also estimated that bees are necessary for the production of 3/4 of the cultures in the world. 🌎

Last year we sponsored beekeeper Ronald near Fontainebleau thanks to the association “Un toit pour les bees”!

Since May we have been sponsoring one of the hundreds of Alain’s hives located in the Brie region! Passionate about his profession for 25 years, Alain is committed to an organic approach and they are dedicated to great causes such as the social economy project in Morocco. Its purpose is to provide training in beekeeping for around 30 women.

We are delighted to participate in these solidarity actions and we are looking forward to tasting the delicious fruit of their work.🐝🍯