Sandra is Certified Childcare Assistant, graduated at  IFSY Institut de formation sociale des Yvelines – Conseil Général des Hauts de seine (PMI Antony et la Pouponnière Le Plessis Robinson). She is also an Auxiliary Nurse and she worked  as a Childcare Assistant in a recreation centers in the city of Fontenay-aux-Roses.  She has her diploma of Animation « BAFA » from  the Training Center IFAC.

She was also Administrative Assistant at the Rectorat of Versailles (Parisian Schools Administration) in the Financial & Management Department where she held various positions in Middle and High schools: Lycée  Professionnel Florian-Sceaux, Collège Georges Sand-Châtillon, Collège & Lycée Rabelais-Meudon.

This rich and varied career allowed her to understand child psychology in all its complexity.

Her taste for the creative arts and her overflowing imagination lead  the  children to evolve serenely within the school.