Photo of Myriam Andrieu, director of lily school Paris

Myriam Andrieu is the founder and director of Lily School Paris, our kindergarten, and bilingual-Wednesday club which is located in the calm and family-friendly 15th district. She has a multilingual background in French, English as well as Italian. In addition, she holds a Master’s degree in two of these languages: English/Italian, which she obtained at the La Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris.

Myriam loves discovering the world and she has lived in both Britain and Italy. While living there she worked posts as an English and French language teacher in not only nursery schools but also at primary schools. Previously from founding Lily School Paris, Myriam held the post of Director at Boston College Paris. She has also worked for the International Relations Office of Business Schools (ISG & IESEG) and for the Council on International Educational Exchanges (C.I.E.E).

Myriam is also a proud former member of the AGEM (association of parents of the Italian nursery school in Paris), where she was among other duties, responsible for financial management and extracurricular activities.

Her passion for languages, children, and sustainable development is what inspired her to create Lily School Paris. Myriam’s multiculturalism, her generosity, her dynamism, and her optimism are the driving force at our school. Every day she continues to convey these important values to all the children of Lily School Paris as she strongly believes they will value them forever. Myriam Andrieu will always be more than happy to answer any question you might have, you can reach her at +(33) 1 71 24 72 98 or by email at