Our Good Stars

They stand by us since the begining

Since the beginning of the adventure Lily School Paris, they stand by us, advise us, support us , lead us and we do thank all of them.

Chantal Rolgen; Deputy of Education at the City Hall of Paris 15ème
Emma Van den Broeck: Student in Sciences of Education
François Marois: Director of Social Affairs at Eqiom
Geoffroy Renaudin: Former Director of a company in the construction field
Juliette Galimberti Andrieu: Student in Languages and she holds a BAFA (Certificate in children animation)
Karine Ngue: Assistant of Chief of the Division of General & Technological Teaching
Nadine de la Hogue: Assistant in a law firm for Merger & Acquisition
Stéphanie Dolléans: Management Controller at Eqiom
Sandro Vega: Technique Officer à l’IUT de Sceaux
Teodora Alexandrova: psychologist & President of the association « Les couleurs de la vie »

We shall not forget Charlotte and Vincent for their ideas and their generosity in giving their books and toys for to the school.

Our Partners

They work and/or collaborate with us:
EHPAD Orpea/Castagnary: where we do once a month our intergenerational workshops
The shared garden ‘ »La Félicité »: where we have our worm composters and where we go regularly to observe the nature, the plants, the flowers and the houses of insects
The Répertoire de Gaspard: we welcome their English students doing their French Early Children degree (CAP Petite Enfance) working with our English teachers.
Au Creux de l’Oreille association for the music workshop with her animator Lara
La Mission Locale de Paris: we welcome volunteer doing their Civilian Service
The association Lire et Faire Lire » , Caroline, a retired volunteer come once a week to read stories to the children
The Paris Observatory with Philippe Sivignanam our sponsor and astronomer. He intervenes at school for scientific workshops in order to put science at the heart of learning, develop critical thinking

Since the beginning they trusted us

They trusted us since the beginning and gave us a boost to start the school