Living together

Our school is an association and commits to gather all actors who make it live daily:

The pedagogical team, parents, animators, volunteers in France and abroad. We work together in a caring environment , rich in cultural & social diversity for the welfare of the children.


the delegated parents

(Cassiopée’s mum and Amedeo & Marina’s mum)

they stand by us for some pedagogical activities (sustainable development worm composter; shared garden , collect of toys during Christmas period for the association Rejoué …)

Volunteers Parents

Noémie’s parents send for free the presents we do to Nakk in Cambodia so we save money for her Phnom Penh

Jalee’s mum participates to the logistics for the school shows

Dany’s dad a journalist & reporter makes films of our shows

Ketian’s dad might organize our participation to a solidarity race

What Parents Say About Us ...



association toutes à l’école (all at school)

sponsorship of Nakk a Cambodian schoolgirl from Phnom Penh since she entered primary school in September 2018 until when she reaches her baccalaureate. She is schooled at Happy Chandara school.

the corner preschool (san diego)

exchange of educational activities

saint john school (new delhi)

project to finalize

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support us?

  • Why?
  • How?

Our associative kindergarten receives no state aid and only tuition fees allow us to function.

We therefore need you, so we can carry out our educational projects, eco-citizens (preservation of biodiversity, shared garden, vermicomposters, plantations, good use of water, sorting and recycling of waste, insect hotels, water troughs for birds, etc… ), intergenerational relations.

by volunteering for:

  • our eco-citizen workshops
  • our intergenerational workshops
  • our reading workshops
  • or any other societal event that we organize

By making a donation

You can donate by check or bank transfer. Please contact us by email at or press the button.