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Faber and Mazlish workshop

Speak so that children listen / listen so that children speak

It is sometimes complicated to know how to react well in the face of a crisis. Understand their emotions, build a relationship of trust, help them become more independent. Here the training that we are going to offer you answers this problem: why quarrel with children when you can do otherwise? 🌸

Lily School Paris offers you a series of 7 meetings with a set of concrete and practical communication tools based on respect in order to improve communication between parents and children. 👩‍👦 Different themes are discussed such as cooperation in children, replacing punishment, encouraging autonomy, the use of descriptive compliments, etc.

During these meetings, adults learn how to support and empower children while taking into account the feelings and desires of each other. During these workshops parents have the opportunity to exchange their experiences with the other participants, acquire a workbook with practical exercises and support in the acquisition of these new skills.

Since the 1980s, these workshops have enabled thousands of parents to acquire and put into practice tools to set up a different way of communicating with their children. A benevolent look is brought to the child while keeping a compassionate and respectful look on the parents and the difficulties which accompany this often so difficult role.

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