Our Team

Myriam Andrieu

Founder and director / French teacher

Trilingual French/English/Italian, she holds a Master’s degree in English/Italian.

Myriam lived in Britain and Italy where she taught English and French in nursery and primary school. She has been a consultant for an American university in Paris, worked in the International Relations Office of Business Schools and for an International Curriculum Organization.

She was a member of AGEM (association of parents of the Italian nursery school in Paris, responsible for financial management and extracurricular activities).

Languages, children and sustainable development are great passions. Her multiculturalism, her generosity, her dynamism and her optimism are the driving force of our school. She conveys this openness to the children of Lily School Paris.

Sandra Carvalho

Assistant director

Sandra has been a Certified Childcare Assistant, an auxiliary nurse and childcare assistant in a recreation center. She was also administrative assistant at the Rectorate of Versailles where she held various positions in nursery and primary schools. This rich and varied career allowed her to understand child psychology in all its complexity.

Her maternal side, her taste for the creative arts and her overflowing imagination will help children to evolve serenely within the school.

Heather Roux Drummond

English teacher

Bilingual English/French

Heather is British and graduated from University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) specializing in French Studies.

She has had various professional experiences in France and Great Britain where she taught English to young children, organized exchange programs between the University of Virginia and a French high school for the organization Apprentices d’Auteuil and between a French elementary school and a British Middle School.

Heather is also very committed to sustainability and has volunteered for The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

She participated in Neighborhood with the Little Brothers of the Poor association.

Her quiet strength and professionalism make her a valuable teacher and very popular with children.

Carisa Bledsoe

Danse professor

Carisa  is American and she graduated from University of Michigan. She is currently studying at the National Music and Dance Conservatory of of Paris. She teaches dance to the children.

Meghan Lumb

English Intern

Meghan is English. She is doing her CAP Petite Enfance (Early Childhood degree) with Le Répertoire de Gaspard.

She works at school on Fridays with the English teacher.

Mamou Traoré

Civilian Service

Bilingual French / Soninké

Mamou is a student in Business. She does her Civilan Service within our school. She works in the administration  but also does some plastic arts workshops with the children.

Aurélie Le Moigne

Civilian Service

Aurelie is a student in History. She has decided to work with children for her Civilian Service. She assists the French teachers on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesdays she works with the animation team of the Kid’s Corner.

Cleo Rainey

English teacher

Cleo is British. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of East Anglia and is  a  CELTA  (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers Other Languages)  qualified teacher.

She has a very artistic skillset. She plays the piano and the guitar, she is a painter , a writer and an actor.

She teaches on Thursdays and Fridays at school and manages the Kid’s Corner on Wednesday and during school breaks.