Kid's Corner

Kids’ Corner

Lily International Kid’s Corner is our bilingual day care center which welcomes all children aged from 2 to 6 register or not in our school on Wednesdays and during school breaks (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer).

Hours are from 08.30am to 6.30pm

The children are supervised by a native English and French speaking team.

Our Kid’s Corner offers workshops of

  • visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture)
  • music
  • theater
  • motricity

Children also go to visit museums and do some .



WEEK OF JULY 22nd 2019


Monday July 22nd:

  • Olympic Games
  • Experiments about water
  • Workshop of  visual arts  & gardening

Tuesday July 23rd

  • Experiments about water
  • Workshop of  visual arts 
  • Cooking workshop

Wednesdau July 24th

  • Museum Palais de la Découverte Bourdelle (sculpture)
  • pick nick in a park
  • Visual arts according the museum visit

Thursday July 25th

  • Cooking workshop
  • Visual arts workshop
  • Gardening workshop

Friday July 26th

  • Olympic games
  • Visual arts
  • Poney riding at park Georges Brassens

Fees in  2019/2020


Annual administrative fees 100€
Monthly fees Kid’s Corner Wednesdays (immersion 10 hours)/(during school term) 320€
Monthly fees After school 2 jours/semaine/hors vacances scolaires 200€
Monthly fees After school 1 jour/semaine /hors vacances scolaires 150€
Weekly fees Kid’s Corner school break full time 380€
Weekly fees Kid’s Corner school break part time 290€


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